President Obama Arrives in Kenya with a message on corruption


According to the American president corruption costs Kenya 250,000 jobs annually. Every shilling that is paid off as a bribe could be paid to a hardworking Kenya.

Africa has challenges that can only be solved by Africans themselves. Corruption has always remained at the top of the problem chain in Africa. The deceit of corruption is so real that people have almost considered it a normal state of affairs. Time is long overdue for such a chain to be broken for it breaks down every aspect of our social and economic life. Leaders and citizens should not tolerate or accept any form of corruption.


The 6th Global Entrepreneurship Summit has placed Kenya on the limelight as a hub for innovation and brilliant entrepreneurial solutions to various problems of the society. It has allowed for young men and women to become social entrepreneurs whose innovations are improving the lives of other people.

The GES was just but a smoke screen of many entrepreneurs who have made it their mission to improve the lives of ordinary citizens. Kenya is making progress but it is not there yet. Innovations such as the BIA are the drivers of this progress by providing a solution to the cancer of corruption that often replicates in many ways and is difficult to diagnose and cure.

Say no to fraud as an individual and as an organization and embrace integrity in everyday livings!

                                                                 Author: Vincent Weke