In the recent times, Kenya has experienced high levels of insecurity and bloody conflicts. At community level many lives have been lost and livelihoods destroyed due to continued consumption of illicit alcoholic drinks and drugs.

The dangers posed by these activities are vast. By adversely affecting young and old in both the private and public sectors, illicit alcohol consumption hinders the exploitation of the country’s potential for economic growth. It also cancels the development gains already made and diverts resources from development projects to enforcement, curative and rehabilitation costs.

Criminals and dealers in illicit brews are protected by members of their communities, making it very difficult for the security mechanisms to pin-point and arrest them before hand. This is driven by fear of reprisals for the dealers and their customers.

Thus through Technology the public, neighborhoods and community actors can report and bust drinking and production dens, enabling law enforcers to take appropriate measures. Therefore, efforts to enhance security must be aided and strengthened by alcohol monitoring and reporting initiatives. It is on this basis that the MULIKA POMBE PROJECT is proposed.


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