Elections offer a perfect opportunity to engage citizens and encourage them to be a part of the future they want to see in their country. As stakeholders here today, we have common goals; free and fair elections, adequate voter registration, high voter turnout, and peaceful elections without violence.

For these goals to be achieved, we require the citizens to participate fully in this process. However, several impediments to their engagement are witnessed from time to time that provide a threat to national security.

To this end, the Nakuru County Security Team together with IEBC, NCIC, EACC and other stakeholders would like to unveil a platform called MULIKA UCHAGUZI that will enable citizens to report any electoral malpractices anonymously.

Through SMS code (988), the public can now report any electoral crime and any other malpractices including; election fraud, hate speech, war mongers, bribery, misconduct as well as violence financiers.

For transparency and accountability the text will be received by all members of County and Sub County Security Committees, which as you know comprise of the National Police, Administration Police, CIO, NIS as well as National coordination.

The text will also be received by IEBC, NCIC as well as EACC who are very integral in this process and will be on the forefront to ensure that required interventions are expedited.

To the residents of Nakuru county;

We urge you now to come out and participate in this process without fear. Elections come and go but we should remember that we will continue to live in the county we create and therefore, let us create one of peace, harmony and tolerance.