Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mulika Hongo?

Mulika is a Kiswahili word that means to shine a light on or to highlight. Hongo means bribe in Kiswahili.

Mulika Hongo is a campaign that has been launched to promote and facilitate citizen partication in reporting bribe taking by any government official. The public should speak out on any office that demands a bribe for them to be served or is any official paid to turn the other way when a crime is committed.

Through the sms short code 988, you can now text in any information that will assist weed out bribe. Your sms will be received by security agencies instantly namely; The Regional Coordinator, The Regional Commissioner of Police, Regional NIS officer, the county and sub county security committees which comprise of; The County Commissioner, The County AP Commander, The County Police Commander, The County NIS officer and The County Criminal Investigation Officer. Your text will also be received by the Regional Coordinator EACC.

Why are the texts going to the security chiefs?

The County Commissioner is in charge of all national government functions in the county. Also, asking for a bribe in order to perform a duty as a public officer is against the law.

How do I report?

Send a text to 988 starting with the county you are reporting on then continue with the message.

Can I include names of the government officials receiving the bribe?

Yes. This in fact will allow the bosses to pinpoint the specific officer for investigation

What if I report a bribe then the person comes for me?

Your identity is concealed when the above team receives the messages. Besides, you can report any harassment on the same channel.

What is the point of reporting a bribe when the person receiving the message may be the one culprit I am highlighting?

The reports are received by all security agencies. This is therefore a multi – agency operation. One person will not be able to sabotage the follow-up.

How do I know my issue will be followed- up

Reports generated are used for follow-up by the county security committee who make sure all issues are addressed. No issue is ignored.

Can I report from anywhere in the country?

Yes. Start the text with the name of the county you are reporting on, and then continue with the message

What is the cost of the SMS?

Reporting on ALL Mulika Platforms is FREE.

What I have to report is too big to be put on text…!

Our online portal is available;

What if I want to report but do not want to use my phone?

You can use our online portal as above.

Can I also send photos and videos?

Yes. Download our Android App Here

Since I do not want to be contacted for any questions or be a witness in court, how will the bribe takers be prosecuted?

Investigations will be carried out internally which will unearth evidence enough for prosecution. Besides, if we do our part as citizens, other people are also likely to report on the same thereby deterring the said officer soonest.

As a government employee, will these not turn into a witch-hunting exercise? I may lose my job as a result of rumors?

Each issue will be verified. There is already a laid out procedure to be followed when misconduct on any government official is reported and therefore, due process will be applied.