This coming December, as you prepare for your festivities, a girl somewhere in Kenya, barely in her teenage years is being prepared to undergo Female Genital Mutilation, popularly referred to as the cut, an illegal traditional practice according to Kenya’s Laws.

If she gets lucky, she’ll survive excessive bleeding, HIV/AIDS and other infections only to battle physical and psychological effects for the rest of her life. That’s not all. Majority of women who undergo FGM drop out of school or end up performing poorly in their studies their after. Once a girl undergoes the cut, she’s ready to be married off to any suitor. That means by the age of 18, she will most probably be a mother to more than one kid, that is if she survives the life-threatening complications during birth caused by FGM.

FGM affects 3 Million Girls a Year, translating to one girl every ten seconds. Mulika (Swahili word meaning Expose or bring to light) is an anonymous crime reporting platform via SMS or Android App leveraging on Kenya’s 89% Mobile Network Coverage to expose criminal activities in the society.

One report sent via the Mulika Platform will be anonymously received by over 80 senior security officers who have vowed to arrest and prosecute all those involved in aiding, abetting or performing FGM to our young girls.

With your support, a girl being forced to undergo FGM or a brother to the girl will be able to report anonymously using the Mulika Platform any FGM related activities to their Counties Top Security Officials for just $0.01.

With your donation, you will be committing to end FGM in its entirety in Kenya, enabling every Young Girl to have equal opportunities as boys with regards to Access to Quality Education and a world of endless possibilities, just like any other kid.