Fraudsters Be Warned

Are you a hardworking Kenyan? Have you been a victim of fraud? Have you suffered the pains of anguish and financial loss as a result of trusting your service provider? The solution is Business Integrity Africa.

According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners a typical organization loses 5% of revenue to fraud each year. More than one third of every society have been susceptible to one form of fraud or another, be it misappropriation, misrepresentation, counterfeits, forgery, bribery and corruption. A PWC survey found out that consumer, retail sector and the financial service are affected globally with a 49% incident rate of economic crime. Kenya was ranked 7th in the word with the highest level of economic crime!

A separate survey according to the KPMG Africa fraud barometer in 2012 showed fraud cases according to regions and Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya topped the list. The most common offenders of such are always business people, employees and government officials. This can be very frustrating in terms of cost, lost reputation, reduced productivity, lost revenue and various risks that individuals and organizations are vulnerable to and the perpetual follow up that always lead to dead ends. As an individual or organization what do you do when you have been defrauded?

Business Integrity Africa Ltd. will work in cooperation with law enforcers and fraud examiners in seeking to realize zero tolerance to fraud in our community. To achieve this, we have created a fraud prevention database where individuals and organizations share data, report and check on fraud cases. The company maintains an employee and individual or supplier fraud database.The database ensures that people say and do what they mean and mean what they say and do(integrity) and on such they will be held accountable.

The next time you employ your house-help, buy goods from your suppliers, buy that piece of land, recruit that new staff, so long as they are in the database, you can rest easy and worry about other things.

Clients registered with BIA Ltd are urged, upon detection of fraud to lodge a complaint with the police and obtain an OB Number (Occurrence book number). They can then log in the portal and input such details and the culprits will be blacklisted and held accountable. Clients are also urged to check with the database as a pre-screening process before hiring anyone or doing business with anyone.

Never again shall you as an individual or an organization be susceptible to fraudsters and criminals who want to exploit or kill your business potential or even harm your children. Say no to fraud and do not be the next victim. Register now with Business integrity Africa Ltd and get value for your money, expand your business and have peace of mind.

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Author: Vincent Weke