Integrity Support Services Featured: New anti-fraud portal rolls out in Nakuru

Fraud by employees is one of the greatest reasons why businesses fail in Africa, according to Integrity Support Services CEO Grace Wanjohi.

In an interview at a Nakuru hotel, Ms Wanjohi said her own experience in her business venture inspired her to venture into this.

“What hurt me most is that my very own employees after stealing from me would go to seek employment from another employer and do the same,” she said. She felt that there had to be a way of identifying would-be fraudsters.

Integrity Support Services was incorporated in 2014 and registered as a security firm company. The main objectives, according to Ms Wanjohi, are to fight fraud, create employment and enable economic growth.

“Businesses cannot grow with internal fraud. If these employees understood that their actions would be entered into a fraud data base, they would desist from opportunistic crimes. For now, we are collecting data from business owners about their employees and suppliers,” Wanjohi said.

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