Integrity Support Services

Integrity Support Services

The growing threat from fraud and insecurity can be effectively combated by organizations and individuals co-operating and adopting a common approach that includes zero tolerance to all types of fraud and a rigorous anti-fraud culture that promotes honesty, openness, integrity and vigilance throughout the business community.

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We Develop Innovative Mobile-First Anonymous Monitoring and Reporting Solutions that aid Government & Institutions fight fraud, Improve Security & Maintain Integrity in all Business Dealings.

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Sexual Offenders Database

Sexual Offenders Registry is a database of individuals reported and/or convicted of sexual offences. This Registry will be a major deterrence to sexual misconduct. This database will contain the details of the offenders including their names, photos, offences reported(OB number) charges, location, last known occupation/employer etc.

Integrity Reference Bureau (IRB)

Has an employee ever stolen from you? Have you ever paid for goods that did not arrive? Do you know any sexual offender who is walking scot free? Why do most of these criminals go from one victim to another unchallenged?

Criminal Registry

Criminal registry will contain details of criminals/fraudsters/conmen reported or and convicted. This will include contact information namely; name of criminal, type of crime, contact numbers, location crime was reported, area of operation, county crime was reported, police station, OB number etc.


Anonymous Reporting

Mulika is an Anonymous Monitoring and Reporting System currently mostly used by Security Agencies to improve security responses and engage Citizens in Community Policing Projects around the country.