Integrity Support Services

Integrity Support Services

The growing threat from fraud and insecurity can be effectively combated by organizations and individuals co-operating and adopting a common approach that includes zero tolerance to all types of fraud and a rigorous anti-fraud culture that promotes honesty, openness, integrity and vigilance throughout the business community.

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Our Goal

To allow members to share data with each other on incidences of fraud by employee or any other registered individual they have dealt with.

How It Works

Our Fraud Prevention databases will be made available to any organization or individual willing to become a member of Integrity Support Serivces. The members will be able to file proven cases of fraud to prevent the fraudster from continuing their fraudulent activities elsewhere. We will begin with employee fraud database and individual/suppliers fraud database.

Mulika Initiatives

Mulika Initiative promotes and facilitates citizen participation in national security.
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Contact Us

Integrity Support Services Ltd
P.O. Box 1855, 20100
+254725 638 273
CEO, Grace Wanjohi


Mulika Uhalifu Initiative is now countrywide. Did You Know You Could Report ANY CRIME VIA TEXT?  Now you’ve got a chance to help fight crime in your community. If you ever witness any crime being committed or be a victim of one, report it via text as soon as you can. Write an SMS starting with the name of your county( for example, if it’s Nairobi county, start with NAIROBI) then crime description and location and send it to 22068.

Benefits Of Our Services

    • Businesses will expand

The cost of running businesses will reduce because currently, a lot of funds are spent in safeguarding the organizations against fraud especially from within.

    • E-commerce will be promoted

Most online transactions are hampered by fraudulent activities by the users. The database will see trading spurred online as the participants will be identified and therefore more accountability.

    • Employment will be created

More businesses will be opened especially by the middle class who will create employment. Investors will be invited from within country to open businesses in the counties with the assurance that they can employ people to manage them who will be responsible and with integrity.

    • Inter county trading will be promoted

County residents can trade with each other directly without going through middlemen or being present physically. Farm produce from different counties will be bought without travelling to the counties.

    • Promote Tourism

Due to enhanced security and accountability, tourism will grow. Homestay can also be encouraged which will see international tourists visit with the residents and enhance their visiting experience.

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Fraud Reporting Process

We will be piloting with Nakuru county and then roll it out to the rest of the country.
The Procedure for reporting a Fraud Case is simple as follows:

Visit the police station and report the crime and get the OB number

Log on to members portal and input the details

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